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Sep. 4, 2019.  From, Patricia Frontain, script supervisor for the TV show Chicago PD, joins a conversation with D. Cooke and ChiCity Cypher for our continuing conversation on youth violence in Chicago and the arts.   


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Aug. 31, 2018.   Freebie Friday on the Life 2.0 Podcast, a bonus episode for subscribers and a chance for the rest of the world to put an ear on that which informs, entertains and inspires. Just click the pod bean link to listen.


He loved football and was the self-proclaimed "King of 8th Grade" but "wrong place at the wrong time" is an all to familiar news headline and in a moment 14-year old Patrick Frontain was gone, another victim of a gang-related shooting, but not in the "bad side" of Chicago but in the suburb of Rosemont, the last place you might look on the map for an 8th grader to be murdered in a gang shooting.


Thus began what his mother Patricia calls "a nightmare you never wake up from." Then one day "the darkness lifted," Frontain and her husband channeled their grief into Patrick Lives On, a foundation dedicated to ending gun violence and steering young people away from gangs and toward more productive pursuits. As the script supervisor for the popular television show "Chicago PD" Frontain enlisted the help of the many stars she works with like LaRoyce Hawkins, S. Epatha Merkerson, Jason Beghe and Brian Tee, and together they are saving lives with an annual fundraiser where you can "Hang with the Stars and save a life at the same time!"


You can join them on September 8th at "The Chop Shop" in Chicago, and it's becoming the biggest fall bash for all the right reasons. But the root cause of this incredible event is a mother turning incredible grief into action. You can find out more on their website.

Listen, learn and support her efforts as the ripple effect works both ways.


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Aug. 12, 2019. Patrick Lives On Founder live interview with Chicago's Progressive Talk Show Host - Joan Esposito.  


Patrick Lives On Event

hosted by LaRoyce Hawkins

Sep. 3, 2018 - WGN Radio. ‘Patrick Lives On’: Event Hosted by LaRoyce Hawkins, Helping to End Gun Violence, Fighting the Lure of Gangs


Patricia Frontain & LaRoyce Hawkins

July 10, 2017 - WGN Radio.  Patricia is a script supervisor for ‘Chicago P.D.’, the mother of Patrick Boswell, who lost his life to gun violence in January 2015, and the founder of Patrick Lives On, a nonprofit group created in memory of her son. She, along with Chicago P.D. actor LaRoyce Hawkins, joins Bill and Wendy in the studio to talk about the loss of her son, and how she is using this tragedy to make a change.