A Boy and his Shoe

There once was a boy.

When he grew up he wanted to get married, have four children, live in the country with lots of dogs, own an auto repair shop and on the side, run a collector’s gym shoe store. He was known to always wear white, Nike Hi Top Gym Shoes. And he kept them in perfect condition.

At a young age, he started his own business. He would buy used Nike gym shoes….spend hours fixing them up and then sell them…making a huge profit. He would perfect each pair, diligently using his special tools and cleaners.

Those times have passed.

The boy did not get to fulfill his dream. Instead he moved far away from shoes and auto body shops.

But in his bedroom, on the wall, remains one small remembrance of his dream.

A tiny, little shoe key chain.

The room is no longer the boy’s room. It is just an empty, boring room, except for the tiny shoe hanging on the wall.

It remains there as a reminder to keep on creating, hoping and dreaming

Just a tiny little shoe in an empty room.

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