Film Submission Form
5th Annual Film Showcase & Fundraiser
Chicago's Film Industry Networking Event
March 12, 2022 


Accepting submissions January 1- 31, 2022 - Deadline Jan. 31st.

Patrick Lives On is accepting submissions from Chicago's talented film community for inspirational, non-violent themed short films. 



Event Location - Resolution Studios, 2226 W. Walnut, Chicago, IL 60612.


Run Time - 40 minutes or less including all credits.


Genre - All genres welcome (short films, documentaries, music videos, feature trailers, etc.)

Philosophy - Enlightening, inspirational, and uplifting storylines preferred.

Violence - Minimum acceptable - but NO glorifying violence, especially guns.

Submission Criteria

  1.  Anyone from the Chicago film community who has worked on a film in any capacity

  2.  A $30 non-refundable donation entrance fee per film due with each submission.

  3.  The submission form, private screener link, and fees are all due with submission.

  4.  Submit online at

  5.  Pay online at

  6.  Notice of acceptance will be sent via email by February 15, 2022.

  7.  Selected filmmakers will receive two complimentary tickets per film accepted.​

  8.  Contact: Patricia Frontain -